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  I wish i had pure vanllia in the game and I wish good at school and i wish mom and daddy are always strong and eveyone is happy and always love during this
Mar 10 2022
  I wish to receive $20,000 in my bank account (checking) every week forever. I desire financial freedom and abundance, as well as buying ANYTHING I desire. This wish means a lot to me, so please grant me this wish. Thank you.
Mar 01 2022
Prosperity / Money
  I wish i can turn into a hot sexy female and i want good luck and i want to have a new body of a girl i wish i can become a female and become a girl but with all body parts of a female i want to grow huge mega big big big breasts and i want to trasform in this home i want a sexy and hot and think body pls
Feb 06 2022
Other Wishes
  I wish my younger sister and I are as fluent in English as natives. I never want to go school by electric bike, I just want to go to school by my dad's white car.
Jan 26 2022
Other Wishes
  I wish that my crush will follow me on Instagram and added me on Snapchat also added me on tiktok. I believe this will happen and I hope this will happen.
Jan 25 2022
Other Wishes
  Muốn mình càng ngày càng xinh đẹp, da đẹp, cao 1m59, anh hồ ngọc trung càng yêu mình không thể rời xa muốn lấy mình làm vợ , mẹ mình sống lâu trăm tuổi, mong được 100 phiếu bầu, điều ước thành hiện thực, mình làm ơn, mong các thần linh phù hộ
Jan 25 2022
Other Wishes
  Tôi ước các bản subliminals luôn hoạt động tốt nhất đối với tôi một cách nhanh chóng, lành mạnh và mang đến cho tôi những kết quả tốt nhất, vĩnh viễn.
Jan 24 2022
Other Wishes
  I wish when it comes to attracting ladies women or college girls who are single and actually real ladies i mean smoking hot ladies i want to have the devils charm and they would start instantly hitting on me flirt with me and give me their number ask me out on dates and kiss me very sexy too and try to be really sexy with all sorts of stuff they think they can do sex wise even touch wise even putting on the worlds sexiest costumes just for me and try to sexy strip me and lap dances
Jan 20 2022



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