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  I Wish I Had A DVD Recording Of The Grand Prize Winner Of The Spongebob House Party Sweepstakes Who Got Spongebob's House Party For The Winner And Up To 50 Friends Complete With A Giant Pineapple And Spongebob Himself, Extreme Jell-o Gel Sticks And $1,000.
Apr 14 2018
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  I wish a hippie would come into my life... We have formed a long-lasting, loyal and committed romantic relationship. He is Californian, was born in 1995, is a Pisces, has olive green eyes, as well as shoulder length dirty blond hair, has straight teeth, is 6 feet tall, and wears a lot of plaid flannels and big, airy clothing. He has a skinny physique. He is a romantic at best, and loves to cuddle with me. He may be shy, but when around me, he is very talkative. He is an optimist and absolutely LOVES positive energies! He is very spiritual. Personality-wise, he is a shy gentleman! He is also very intelligent, generous, loyal, loving, caring and sexy. He makes sure that I am cared for. We are in love with each other. Our sex life is amazing, mind-blowing! We both always feel sexually fulfilled. We both care about our sexual needs and always satisfy them. His penis size is 7 inches. Every time after sex, we cuddle! His kisses feel just right! His hugs are so warm. We will get married.
Apr 13 2018
  I wish that I will get the boyfriend that I always wanted. We will be together forever and he will always love me, no matter what. I want to have long hair that stops at my waist. I would like my nails to grow at their full length. My breasts will grow bigger and my new bra size will now be size B. I will no longer have body hair that I do not want. Both of my eyes will be the same exact size and will have no more problems. My legs and thighs will be thinner and I will have no more rashes. I will also have wishing powers.
Apr 11 2018
  I wish my crush will start talking to me in person or through Instagram, he will tell me he likes me in the next couple of weeks, when he tells me he likes me I will tell him I like him, and then we will become boyfriend and girlfriend
Apr 11 2018
  I wish to have a different appearance I wish my hair was dark dirty blonde and my eyes turned to a green hazel and my skin a little lighter to match my hair and eyes and I for me to grow to be 5 feet 8 inches tall all my friends are tall and sometimes I feel I don't fit in so this is my wish.
Apr 09 2018
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  I wish that B***** L***** C******* fell in love with me,that she forgave me for all the mistakes I ever made, I know we had something special and wish that our bond was fixed. I love her and wish she felt the same way or at least enough to where she can forgive me and be friends with me again.I wish she texted me and tried everything that she can to talk to me,text me and call me. I don't mind if she gets obsessed I just wish she forgave me and loved me like I love her.
Apr 09 2018
  I Wish I Had The Fox Kids: October 3, 1998 Broadcast On DVD And The Schedule Is:8:00 AM: The Mr. Potato Head Show - Aliens Dig Baloney8:30 AM: Power Rangers In Space - Survival Of The Silver9:00 AM: Godzilla: The Series - The Winter Of Discontent9:30 AM: Young Hercules - Forgery10:00 AM: Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog - Tyrune Returns10:30 AM: The Secret Files Of The Spy Dogs - Ernest/Spin11:00 AM: Mad Jack The Pirate - Angus Dagnabbit11:30 AM: Oggy And The Cockroaches - French Fries
Apr 08 2018
Other Wishes
  I Wish I Had The Toonami: March 5, 2005 Broadcast On DVD And The Schedule Is:7:00 PM: Duel Masters - Something Wacky This Way Comes7:30 PM: D.I.C.E. - The Vanishing Planet8:00 PM: Teen Titans - Wavelength8:30 PM: Justice League Unlimited - Ultimatum9:00 PM: Megas XLR - Driver's Seat9:30 PM: Zatch Bell! - The Lightning Boy From The Mamado World!10:00 PM: Dragon Ball GT - Goku vs. Ledgic10:30 PM: Ruruoni Kenshin - Revival Of The Shinko Style
Apr 07 2018
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* How many wishes can i make?
- You can make as many wishes as you want. There is no limit.

* What do I need to do to make my wish come true?
- Make sure that you made all the steps that are described at the instructions.

* Will my wish come true really? I think my wish is impossible.
- Nothing is impossible. If you believe it you can make it. Many 'impossible' dreams have become possible. If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.

* My wish didn't come true. What i can do?
- If you want a wish to come true you have to believe it. Don't stop thinking about it. Make your wish again and again. Be more specific with more details. One day your wish will come true. Don't set a time frame within which the wish has to come true. Good things come to those who wait. If you believe it, you can make it.

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- The best way is to make an opposite wish. Wishes can be retracted. If you want to delete a wish please use contact. Be careful what you wish for.


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