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  I wish telling my story to thousands, hurdands, millions billion , people from all across the world, on stage with the microphone in my hand facing every body telling them my story about a outta body experiences with me.
Nov 05 2022
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  I wish having a outta body experiences about heaven, seeing, walking with God and the son of Jesus chirst with his angels next to me. I'm dying coming back experiences my outta body in heaven.
Nov 05 2022
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  I wish getting all different kind of name brand jackets, for me too wear when it gets to chilling cool outside for me too be comfortable in during the chilling cool season weather outside.
Nov 05 2022
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  I wish my victory is won by God and the son of Jesus Christ up into heaven high above with them seeing me through the beautiful gates of heaven. I'm staying preyed up to God all the time, fighting believing putting all faith, trusting in God with his son jeuses Christ. My victory has won making it to heaven. by me staying preyed up all the time not losing faith in God to the son of jeuses chirst.
Nov 03 2022
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  I wish telling people making eye towards them talking with them about they personally behaving that isn’t right. Telling at they personally with eye contact to jaden smith,dequone finnie, dewon cooper,John McDowell,Dwayne Atkins, Tayvion bailey jason banks,Hercule cogio,Edvertt thompson, ikel sevier, Brian stokes, deandre Aron, maurice holt, ronell,macon, chase townsand, Amarrion williams, Jonn’t Williams. Speaking the truth about their personally making eye contact with them.
Nov 03 2022
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