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  I wish i could fight like bruce lee. please i want this wish so tI can protect myself and amaze my friends. and use my skills in martial arts. please help me with this
Jan 07 2022
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  I wish to become a one year old baby boy. I will wake up as a one year old baby boy. My room will be a baby room, My clothes become baby clothes like overalls, onesies, and other kidde clothes. My pajamas become baby footie pajamas, My underwear become baby diapers,My bed become a crib, I will act like a baby, Everyone thinks I'm a baby, Everyone remembers me as a baby and treats me like a baby, Everyone loves to take care and protect me. I have blue eyes, brown hair, hairless body, skin color white, baby voice, very squeezable soft baby skin, very light body, and 1 inch baby body. I will become a baby forever, I will never grow up, nobody wanted me to grow up, Everyone wanted me to be a baby forever no matter what, I will be one years old forever, I will never grow any inch tall, I will never age up even its my birthday, I won't go into puberty and I never will. I'm immortal forever. Everyone thinks I'm a adorable baby and they can never say no to me whatever I ask for something.
Jan 04 2022
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  Tôi ước có siêu năng lực nhanh nhẹn, nhớ tất cả chỉ trong vài giây tốt , nhìn thấu được mọi thứ, Tôi ước có Doraemon và túi thần kỳ Doreamon Tôi ước có một cỗ máy thời gianTôi ước một cây bút thần kỳ không bao giờ hết mực
Dec 05 2021
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  Tôi ước tôi là một thiên tài ngữ văn , toán , tiếng anh, tất cả các môn học kiểm tra môn nào cũng đúng Tôi ước tôi ghi nhớ tốt đọc tốtTôi ước có một siêu thị lớnTôi ước có 1000000000000000000000
Dec 05 2021
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  I wish i was 2 meters tall. I wish to grow taller . I am 21 years old and i wish to be taller . Please make my one wish come true soon. I wish to be 2 meters tall . I wish to become 2 meters tall. I wish i was 6 feet 6 inches tall. I wish to grow taller. Please make my one wish come true soon. I wish to become 2 meters tall. I wish to grow taller day by day if it is possible. I am 1 meter and 65 centimeters tall and i wish to be taller. I am tired of waiting. I wish to grow 30 centimeters taller. Please i wish i was 2 meters tall. My name is Dimitris . please grow me taller.
Dec 03 2021
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  Hello. I wish to receive $10,000 every week. I make this wish and desire for it to come true for many reasons. Not only do I want to be financially abundant, but there is so much that I want to buy for myself to make the lifestyle of my dreams. With that much money, I can save and invest in everything I’ve ever wanted to do, such as buying myself a brand new house to live in, which I can also customize every room to my liking. I also want to buy myself a new car with great mileage, doorlocks that actually work, windows that can be brought up and down without ever getting stuck, a strong built-in air conditioner, a bulit-in radio with music streaming and customized songlists. I also want to be able to start my own social media platforms that showcase all of my personal interests through videos to share with everyone. I also want to travel to see new places, meet new people, partake in experiences both desired and new, and make wonderful memories.
Dec 01 2021
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  Quay về quá khứ và tương lai Mong điều ước này thành sự thật Sẽ thắt 1000ngàn con hạcCó một giọng hát hayCó một quán ăn của các nước ngoàiCó một siêu thị
Nov 30 2021
  Học sinh giỏi lớp 9Có một tiệm bánh kem sinh nhật cho mìnhHọc tiếng Anh Mỹ Pháp Đức Ý Nhật Bản Hàn Quốc Trung QuốcNói được giọng miền Bắc miền Nam miền TrungNằm xuống giường xếp thì có tiền ở dưới gối
Nov 30 2021
Prosperity / Money



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