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  I wish my dad has no memories of me talking to strangers on Snapchat and other social media I wanted him to forget things for what I did and move on my dad won't know about it because he doesn't remember everything so he forgets
Jul 14 2022
  That Lenny Santiago will fall in love with me and we will get married and live happily ever after. I wish that our families will blend and that everyone will love each other.
Jun 28 2022
  I wish for my favorite comic "Vampire and cross" from the app webcomics to continue. The creator of the comic died so there have not been any updates cause of that. But I want to know what happens next. I want to know how it ends. So I wish for the comic "Vampire and cross" to continue somehow.
Jun 26 2022
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  I wish my big brother has no memory of me added random people on Facebook and he wants to delete his own Facebook I don't want him to remember me for what I did
Jun 23 2022
  I wish my girlfriend Deborah Bayo moves from Charleston, South Carolina, to apple valley, Minnesota. She moves in with her aunt and we can meet in person. We both desire to be with each other because we are both in love with each other. We will hug and kiss each other all the time. We are obsessed with each other and text all the time. We go everywhere together (except when working). We are the happiest couple there is and both of us love each other deeply, romantically, and unconditionally.
May 19 2022
  I wish i had pure vanllia in the game and I wish good at school and i wish mom and daddy are always strong and eveyone is happy and always love during this
Mar 10 2022
  I wish to receive $20,000 in my bank account (checking) every week forever. I desire financial freedom and abundance, as well as buying ANYTHING I desire. This wish means a lot to me, so please grant me this wish. Thank you.
Mar 01 2022
Prosperity / Money
  I wish i can turn into a hot sexy female and i want good luck and i want to have a new body of a girl i wish i can become a female and become a girl but with all body parts of a female i want to grow huge mega big big big breasts and i want to trasform in this home i want a sexy and hot and think body pls
Feb 06 2022
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