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  I wish to change my gender and become a beautiful charming woman forever with long black hair and a beautiful charming body, breasts and a vagina with all woman’s features that a woman could have and produce many woman’s hormons and less man hormons.
Feb 28 2024
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  I wish the same amount of rain(/temperature) will return(that caused school suspension since that other time) around 5:00 AM this week, which would mean that classes will be suspended,(even if that means tomorrow or on the next day), but right now, I just needed a few time that I need for other reasons(even for assignment activities).
Feb 25 2024
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  I wish my penis would be 15inches in length and 7inches in girth both of these would be when flaccid. An when my penis gets erect, it will be 30inches in length and 12inches in girth my penis would weigh 25pounds. This will function normally along the growth can not be stopped and will be unreversible, aka permeant.
Feb 22 2024
  I wish to get more lucky, I don't want anything wrong or bad to deserve, I don't want anymore wrong actions that can cause discipline or major arguments, so I want a new change in life, to feel more good, and to be protected in hope.
Feb 18 2024
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  I wish that TRUE GOOD people(even good believers) will stop getting disciplined, as long as they have full responsibility of knowing what's right, and to prove their best, this wish is asked to fix the Error of Discipline.
Feb 17 2024
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  I wish to be an honor student again, I know that currently that I still didn't make it to the honor list on this grade, and I hope I will understand better and get good and higher grades.
Feb 09 2024
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   I wish I will never be blamed/deserve anything bad, I was doing my best to do what's good, I just want to be a good person,(consequences may have gotten the wrong person).I just DON'T want anymore consequential actions to get in my way.
Feb 09 2024
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  I wish the same amount of rain(/temperature) will return(that caused school suspension since last week) around 5:00 AM this week, which would mean that classes will be suspended, as to stay safe/stay at home, I would EXPECT this to happen somewhere this week.
Feb 06 2024
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