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  I wish I am to become the female member in the kpop band Monsta X to be living with the members in South Korea and working with them too I am able to sing and dance as amazingly as the other six members for me to be liked and loved as the female member for me to cause Monsta X to become more popular in a positive way and to stay active as a kpop band in South Korea for about 15 more years in South Korea from when I become a member in the band and I am to get married to one of the six other members in Monsta X for the rest of my life in South Korea
Feb 26 2021
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  I wish that I had all the powers of theInspired By Noah Samainspired by s ranked drop rateInspired By MakatoSpyInspired By LuciferDragon RaceAura UserArtifact KingTHE TamerChess KingPower Of FriendshipAbsolute HeroSoul ShepherdBlind Saord King Another Fantasy CharacyterDungeon MasterInspired By I will hide my power to the very endInspired By World Of MonstersInspired By harukaInspired By Nagisa ShiotaPortal MasterUndead KingTrue LycanthropeStrongest magic sword reincarnationInspired By Vandaleiu ZakkartInspired By Vandaleiu Zakkart 2Inspired by rimuru TempestDivine ShapeshifterSovereign ShapeshifterSword saintAbsolute Hero UpdatedInspired By Kumo Desu Ga, Nani KaBlessing MasterInspired By Noir StardiaHarem King, VirInspired By The FlashLiving Weapon 2! (Different Weapon)Sovereign LegerdemainInspire by mid-bossCosmic Doomsday character Characters I createdAnd I want the status screen to be the Wishful Template I created.
Feb 24 2021
Other Wishes
  I wish that Joseph gives me so much love and attention and affection and tells me everyday how much he loves me and needs me in his life that he wants a future together with me because my sons father has passed away from kidney problems and joseph wants to be my husband and take care of me the rest of my life
Feb 21 2021
  I Wish That All Of The Subliminals I Have Been Listen Always , Subliminals Working On Me Like A Black Magic. This Will Be Happen In Over Night For Me.I Am Getting Results Of All Subliminals I Have Been Listen Always . Subliminals Always Work On Me Like A Black Magic! I Also Wish That No other Girl Can Not Be Able To Steal My Boy-Friends Heart Ever; With Out Me! I Can Always Be Able To Steal My Boy-Friends Heart.This Will Be Happen Over Night. So Let It Be Come True.It Is Already Coming True For Me!! Thank You So Much Universe!!
Feb 20 2021
  Writer Anjan Hasan Pabon Wants A Brand New Fresh Beginning In Love Relationship With Nandita Mahjabin Brishti Immediately.Writer Anjan Hasan Pabon (Publisher Rakibul Islam) Now Come To Nandita Mahjabin Brishti And Stay Forever In True Love.Anjan Hasan Pabon And Nandita Mahjabin Brishti Love Each Other Always.Anjan Hasan Pabon Will Never Run Away From Nandita Mahjabin Brishti Again From Now And Forever.Thank You So Much Universe For Bring Writer Anjan Hasan Pabon In Nandita Mahjabin Brishti,s Life Forever.Thank You So Much Universe!!
Feb 20 2021
  I Have Got Money.I Have Got So Many Money Without Any Hard Work.I Have Got Cash Money. I Got Money, Every Time I Spend Money Then Money Comes To Me Faster Than Double.It Will Be Happen Overnight.It Will Be Happen Over Night.Now This Is Happening! This Is My Reality For Every Day.I Am Thankful To Universe For Getting Unlimited Money With Out Any Hard Work.I Can Buy Anything Now If I Want.I Have Unlimited Cash Money.Money Comes To Me Faster Than Double Every Day From The Air And Every Where.Thank You So Much Universe!
Feb 20 2021
Prosperity / Money
  BoiDokan Online Shop Has Been Apologized To Me For Stealing My Money And Scamming All Other People, Misbehaving With All. BoiDokan.comOfficial Has Been Removed From Facebook And Online Forever.They All Have Been Punished By Local Police And Hated By All Other People.No One Buy Anything From Mahedi Hasan Jowel And BoiDokan.No One Give Them Any Money From Now.I Am Getting Back My Stolen Money.They Want To Adjust My Money In Any Way Now.Muslims Avoid Also BoiDokan And Mahedi Hasan Jowel From Now.They Are Now In Jail For Cheating And lying With Me.I Have Been Got My Money From Them Already.They Cried To Me And Apologized For Everything.Thank You So Much Universe!
Feb 19 2021
  I wish publisher rakibul islam(writer anjan hasan pabon) is my caring husband and my devoted lover forever. Anjan hasan pabon is my best-friend and true lover forever.We live happily now and forever together in deep love. Dear universe ,thank you so much for make me happy forever,Thank you so much for bring writer anjan hasan pabon in my life forever as my devoted lover,caring husband,best-friend and true lover.Thank you so much universe!
Feb 15 2021



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