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  I wish to grow taller ,i wish to become 2 meters tall. I wish to be 6 feet 7 inches tall , i do not want to be short anymore ,please make my one wish come true soon please, i want to be 2 meters in height .I wish to be 2 meters tall. I am 156 centimeters tall ,5 feet 6 inches im right now and i want to be taller .
Sep 20 2020
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  Farhana nahin and foez ahamed have been turned in to the enemy from now on. Farhana nahin and foez ahamed fight with each other everyday from now on.foez ahamed and farhana nahin hate each other forever,they try to kill each other from now on and they both are in the jail now ! Farhana nahin lost her gym and business,money also.foez ahamed lost him job also.farhana nahin is a rice thief and foez ahamed has been turned in to a beggar now. Farhana nahin would suicide and die in this evening.she will burn herself with fire in a live video chat tonight and dead. Thank you so much universe!
Sep 12 2020
New year
  Doel and sayeed khan have been turned in to the great enemies from now on forever. Doel and sayeed khan hate each other forever and also they fight with each other everyday.doel has been destroyed everything or every property that sayeed khan have.doel and her son would suicide and die immediately in this afternoon.they must burn in to the fire themeselve with their house. Sayeed khan is feeling so much guilty and sorry for his life now.sayeed would lost his all property,job and family now.he has been turned alone forever now.Thank you so much universe!
Sep 12 2020
  Farhana nahin would suicide and die right now or on this evening.Farhana nahin must have to be punished before suicide because she is evil.she must have to go to the jail for stolen rice from the grocery.farhana nahin and foez ahamed hate each other forever and after. Foez ahamed and farhana nahin fight to each other each day and they also try to suicide each day.farhana nahin lost his all business,money,health and yoga gym also!Her health gym has been closed forever.farhana nahin is a rice thief now. Hossain nazir is in the jail now,akshar ahamed suddenly dead last night and fatin ahamed nabil also lost in the flood forever!Farhana nahin is a evil woman too she cursed them all. Farhana nahin must have to be suicide and die before this midnight.this is the last evening for farhana nahin.farhana nahin now burn herself in to fire on live chat and die immediately with foez ahamed.foez ahamed and farhana nahin would go to the jail right now before farhana nahin suicide!Thank you so much universe!
Sep 11 2020
  Sayeed khan has been lost his all sex power and his dick also in a tragic accident!Sayeed khan is ill from now on and forever.sayeed khan can not sex with any girl from now on forever. Sayeed khan always will be hungry and broken heart forever.Thank you so much universe!
Sep 11 2020
  Sayeed khan has been lost his job,money,lovers,family,house and all property. Sayeed khan is felling so much sorry now.sayeed khan is a worthless and heart-broken street beggar right now and always will be. Doel and sayeed khan hate each other always. Thank you so much universe!
Sep 11 2020
  Sayeed khan will never ever be happy with his son and doel. Sayeed khan and doel hate each other forever and after. Doel and her son would suicide and die immediately right now! Sayeed khan will divorce his wife and live alone forever and after.sayeed khan will lost his job,all money,lovers,family ,house ,property and his charm also from tonight.from tommorow morning he will be live like a beggar for ever and after. Everyone will hate sayeed khan,no one will give him any job or work never! Sayeed khan feels so much so sorry for his words and his life also.sayeed khan is a broken heart and a worthless beggar from now on forever and after.sayeed khan has no money and house from now on forever.sayeed khan will never live in peace from now on forever.Thank you so much universe!
Sep 10 2020
  Dear universe, i wish to win a lottery or jackpot in this year 2020 .a Universe, Make it come true right now with your all your all power on earth to let it be come true fast!I need endless cash u.s.a dollar$ and british(u.k) poundsĀ£ right now !Dear universe,send me lot of endless money right now_press you all power to full-fill my all wish come true now. Today i will win lot of cash money from win a lottery! My life will full with money and i can buy anything i want with my endless cash money. Thank you universe!
Sep 10 2020
Prosperity / Money



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