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  I wish I will win all 6 numbers of the Michigan Powerball with the numbers 2,9,17,23,60 and the power ball is 8 with this money I wish to get the best lawyers to bring my son home from prison and move far away from this county.
Sep 30 2023
Prosperity / Money
   I wish for the original efrutti gummi candy and some jollyrancher original flavor gummies and the mixed berry fruity snacks 2.5 oz pack and some smarties lollipops.
Sep 12 2023
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  My wish is to Own a $799,999 5 bed 5 bath 5,279 square feet house in Chessapeake, Virginia on The address for the house that I want to own is 637 Hidden Falls Ln, Chessapeake, VA 23320 which is on Its a 5 bd 5 ba 5,279 sf ft house.
Aug 14 2023
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  I wish to be invited by the movie film crew of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 to make a guest appearance in the film, but my role is important for the plot I want my role to be where I help save humanity and the world from Shadow the Hedgehog's plan I want my role to be able to interact with Shadow the Hedgehog and I want Shadow the Hedgehog to see me as his beloved Maria Robotnik my casting choice will have no backlash or criticism whatsoever at all and everyone loves my character role forever no matter what.
Aug 12 2023
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  I wish to have the ability to manifest anythingfrom my mind in reality i want to use it to help my family and friends and everything fiction or not ok
Aug 10 2023
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  Please make this wish come true fast and soon as possible! I wish to not have a little brother I want a little sister. I do not want him in my life he is annoying and he is a boy anyway. I wish he was nonexistent and I wish everyone forgot he ever existed, my life would be so much better without him in it. I wish I had a little sister. Please make this happen super fast and please do not reject my wish this is very important for me.
Aug 08 2023
  My wish is to own a 5 bed 3 bath 3,100 sq ft house in Chessapeake VA. The address for the house that I want to own is 1200 Plantation Lakes Cir, Chessapeake, VA 23320.It’s a 5bd 3bath 3,100 sq feet house.
Aug 05 2023
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