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  I wish to be the best friend of the goddess bastet. I wish goddess bast will help me in my every work and she will give me her beauty and power / protection to me. I wish to be the best friend and the soul-mate of the goddess bastet from right now forever and after , even in my after life also. I wish goddess bast will help me tonight to make my wishes come true.
Jan 19 2020
  I wish for the disneys magical world book series set box. I need to buy those books in cheap price or i wish to get the book series set box in total free in cost as a gift. I need 10,0000$ money rightnow for fullfill my simple wishes.I also wish for disney princess dolls and need a suitable place to keep them very easily .I wish get lot of money where ever i go for. I wish my these wish come true right now! Or in very soon my wishes will come true for me.
Jan 19 2020
Prosperity / Money
  Facebook have been changed their policy from rightnow. From Now facebook allows fake profile names, celebreity pictures and multiple facebook accounts with only 1 phone number. Facelock , number verify lock and disabled accounts are total have gone forever and facebook team have been restored every disabled account without any appeal they fix every disabled facebook accounts! Disabled account users now can use their accounts again without any security questions or fb blocks.Thank You Universe !
Jan 18 2020
  I wish the fire of australlian forest has been stop total rightnow. And all animals and birds are safe from right now. Australlian wild animals live in peace from right now forever and after.every animals,birds and trees are safe from the fire from now.Thank You Universe!
Jan 18 2020
  Laamyeea hassan sinthiya and her mother have been lost forever today , no one will find them again in anywhere. They have been dead probably or truely dead. They will never come back again in to laamyeeas father life and anothers life also.Thank You Universe !
Jan 18 2020
  I wish facebook allow multiple accounts with 1 phone number from rightnow forever and after. Facebook accounts will never been disabled or locked ever from right now. And every disabled facebook accounts have been restored again automatic by miracle without any document submit rightnow. I wish to chat right now with my all good facebook friends again with my miracle restored disable facebook account .i wish to get back my all facebook friends rightnow like miracle fix of facebook accounts by fb team immediately.
Jan 18 2020
Lost people
  I wish to be married by the olympian god of war rightnow.i wish to spend with him my whole life long. I wish to be very powerfull girl of the world rightnow. Wish to be the ruler of my own country and then whole world. I wish to be the best friend of the egyptian goddess bast from rightnow to my whole life long and my after life .i wish to meet with the god of war rightnow and we will be the best friend forever and after.
Jan 11 2020
  I wish for some nice pet cats and rabbits in my own house as the pet of mine. Cats and rabbits will be my best friends one will disturb us.i do not have to think about their care it will be done wonderfully rightnow.i wish to buy lot of my desire books and a suitable place for keep my books rightnow.
Jan 11 2020
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