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  I wish that right in carloz Lorenzo duerson's bank account at first federal bank in Evansville Indiana , I would receive $80,000 dollars in my account out of nowhere and I can withdraw some of the money immediately, I really wanna help my sister and mom out so I need this to happen now.also everytime I withdraw more then $1,000 within a month I will receive $5,000 out of out of nowhere into my bank account at first federal bank.
Nov 26 2020
Prosperity / Money
  I wish to be lose my 15 kilogram weight in this december,2020 without any diet controll or exersize.i will be 45 kilograms only for always my whole life long without any diet controll and hair will be so silky,shiney,thick,longer,never fall out or break any hair of mine from december,2020. My skin has no scarks,strech-marks,spot,pimple,itching. My health is so much good.i will never be ill anymore from today.i am slim and sexy from now on forever! I am looking more and more younger like teenager from now on by day by hair does not stop growing thick and longer.i will be more beautiful from now on. My hair never will be white,grey,shedding, hair never will be stop growing longer to longer from now on.i can eat anything i want;no more fat or overweight of mine from now on and belly is so much flat without any exersize or diet controll.i am looking like a victorias secret model from now on.i am always looking good from now on forever and ever more!Thank you so much universe!
Nov 24 2020
  I wish my hair will never fall-out and break when i every time combing my hair from today. My hair will grow more thicker,fuller and longer by day by day from today. My hair can not stop growing long and hair grows 5 inches hair will never be white ,grey or thin. My hair will be more black and thick from today. I will be more younger from today i will be never look like that i am aging!I will be more younger like teenager from skin will have no spot,scar and strech marks from today. I am slim and sexy. My tammy/belly has no fat it is flat now on forever! I have no health problem ever from now on.i will never be ill from today. My hair can not stop growing long! Thank you so much universe!
Nov 23 2020
  Sayeed khan will unblock me on facebook one day. Sayeed khan will send me a text today. Sayeed khan is missing me so much now. Sayeed khan feels so much sorry now for what he did in 2018 with me.sayeed khan will send me a friend request on facebook one day and he will become my true friend never will break up with me for any reason. Sayeed khan also will feel a deep true love with me one day.sayeed khan will meet with me one day; he will call me one day.sayeed khan will come back to me as my best friend again in very soon! Sayeed khan could unblock me today and send me a text for the true friendship that i want! Thank you so much universe!
Nov 21 2020
  I wish to grow taller , this is my dream . I want to become 2 meters tall, i wish to be 2 meters tall. I wish to be 10 inches taller . I wish to grow 30 centimeters taller. I am 20 years old and I am 168 centimeters tall. My name is Dimitris and i want to become 2 meters tall. I wish to grow taller in the morning . Please make my one wish come true soon.
Nov 21 2020
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  I wish to grow taller, i wish to become 2 meters high , i wish to become 2 meters tall. I wish to be 6 feet 7 inches in height. I want to be 30 centimeters taller. Please make my one wish come true soon. My name is Dimitris and I am 20 years old , I want to become 2 meters in height . I wish to be 2 meters tall.
Nov 19 2020
Other Wishes
  I wish writer anjan hasan pabon(rakibul islam) call me rightnow and he talk with me for an hour in true love.anjan hasan pabon unblock me on facebook right now! We are chatting now for the whole day long! Writer anjan pabon truly and deeply loves me. Anjan hasan pabon wants to marry me right now. Pabon send me a marriage proposal. My dreams come true now!And i am so much happy now with writer anjan hasan pabon. Thank you so much universe!
Nov 19 2020
Other Wishes
  Mahedi hasan jowel give me back my stolen money right now! I have been get back my stolen money from mahedi hasan jowel today. Mahedi hasan jowel has been turned a real street beggar now. No one will donate any money to mahedi hasan jowel from now on.mahedi hasan jowel has been lost his all business forever! Mahedi hasan is in the jail now for stealing money,harassing and blackmail people.every one hate mahedi hasan jowel. No one will buy anything from mahedi hasan jowel from now on.mahedi hasan jowel will be hungry from now forever! Mahedi hasan jowel has no money now! Thank you so much universe!
Nov 18 2020



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