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  I wish for my daughter to make the varsity basketball team for the 2019-2020 basketball season and to be a valued basketball player on the team and for Coach to respect her
Sep 19 2019
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  I wish to win the megamillions jackpot w/18,20,27,45,63MB25.I also wish to win the powerball jackpot w/18,20,29,30,57PB 14.i WISH TO GET LOTS OF $ IN THE MAIL FROM THE FLYERS I SENT OUT
Aug 25 2019
Prosperity / Money
  I wish to have a real life Neuralyzer that works exactly the way I want it to work to be located on the center of my bedroom desk on 101 Bliss Mine Road, Newport Rhode Island at 7:00 AM. It will be sent from the gods and goddesses and the gods will send it the Neuralyzer directly to my house on 101 Bliss Mine Road, Newport Rhode Island at 7:00 AM. The Neuralyzer falls through my house and lands directly on the center of my bedroom desk. The Neuralyzer has finally landed on my desk. Once it has landed I hear a very loud noise, which causes me to wake up and causes my dogs to wake up at the exact same time I hear the noise of the Neuralyzer landing on my desk at 7:00 AM.
Jul 25 2019
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  I wish I could become an extremely feminine boy with very feminine features. Features such as a small body frame, curvy body, feminine facial structure, and overall a completely feminine body.
Jul 15 2019
   I wish for that magic notebook on this website to actually be a working thing. And if it wants, the price drops to something I am actually comfortable spending. Then all of my problems will be solved after this get exactly 100 (or more) votes by the powers of 3x3x3.
Jun 26 2019
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  I wish to win $1,000 a day for life from the lottery game, "Lucky for Life" right now or when this gets exactly 100 (or more votes) by the powers of 3x3x3.
Jun 24 2019
Prosperity / Money
  I wish Jesus Christ would suddenly free us from this shit life he forced us all in and into perfect freedom, harmony and prosperity right after this gets exactly 100 (or more) votes. This includes me moving out on my own.
Jun 17 2019
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  I wish for my body to shrink down 20 pounds a day until it's a size 3 all by itself leaving the boobs and butt at both their current sizes. And right after this gets exactly 100 votes.
Jun 12 2019
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