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  I wish to grow taller . I wish to become 8 inches taller . I wish to be 8 inches taller. I wish to be 6 feet 2 inches tall. I wish i was 8 inches taller. I wish to grow taller day by day. This is my one and only wish. I desire to become taller. I wish to become 1 meter and 87 centimeters tall. Please make my one wish come true soon. My name is dimitris karatzikis and i wish to become 8 inches taller. I wish to become 20 centimeters taller. I am 1 meter and 68 centimeters tall and i want to be taller.
Apr 28 2021
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  I want to have a polyamory relationship with a virgin (Indo) girl who is also the Girlfriend of my best friend Rowi and we all three wil live together happy
Apr 19 2021
  I wish I am to become the female band member in Monsta X for the 15 years in South Korea and I am to live and work with the six other members in Monsta X in South Korea and I am to be married to my band member Lee Min hyuk for the rest of my life in South Korea and I am to live the rest of my life in South Korea as Lee Min hyuk's wife and I am to never date or marry Nat Wolff
Mar 31 2021
  I wish I had the ability to edit my life so that I can prevent any bad things that had happened in my life from happening, without going back in time, such as writing down Fluttershy's name and a list of my favourite things. I also want to use it to change my brother's choices and have him cease to exist after.
Mar 27 2021
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  I am love magnet to attract publisher raqibul islam (writer anjan hasan pabon) to me every moment from now on. Raqibul islam can not stop loving me. Raqibul islam come to me now and stay with me forever. No other girl can not be able to steal raqibul islam from me. Raqibul islam can do anything in my love. Raqibul islam loves only me. Raqibul islam now wants to marry me immediately. Raqibul islam now lives in my town.we live in the same town,same house! Raqibul islam is my best-friend and my devoted lover forever. Raqibul islam sends me flower everyday. Publisher raqibul islam texting me everyday on facebook. Raqibul islam is calling me everyday on my phone. Raqibul islam loves me so much! I am attracting raqibul islam towards me every moment from now on.publisher raqibul islam(writer anjan hasan pabon)can not stop thinking about me. Thank you so much universe!
Mar 26 2021
New year
  I wish to transform from male to female, have blue eyes, power to grant only helpful wishes, and have a sexy body, have a wife, receive money, and be immortal and ageless.
Mar 25 2021
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  I get instant subliminal and the people who vote for my wish get our subliminal results faster than the speed of light. Every subliminal we listen to gives us fast instant permanent results in one listen.
Mar 24 2021
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  When this wish comes true, I want a fairy exactly like the one in the picture inside the folder on my computer named "My Fairy". The fairy's name is James. James the fairy should be able to:1. Grant me every single one of my wishes immediately after I say the wish to him;2. Be able to grant me countless wishes;3. Glow in the darkness, giving off light;4. Do my homework with a snap of my fingers, and all answers should be correct;5. Be super friendly to me and be my friend;6. Fly around me at all times except for times I tell him to stay quiet;7. Shapeshift to whatever I wish him to;8. Give me anything and everything I want immediately.Only I and those I wish could see the fairy. He should remain loyal to me his whole life. His appearance will not change during the course of his life, and neither his spirit. He can live for 200 years. When he comes to me, he should be 12 years old, and no taller than 15 centimeters.
Mar 20 2021
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