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   I wish for the original efrutti gummi candy lunch bag and some jollyrancher original flavor gummies and the mixed berry fruity snacks 2.5 oz bag.
May 20 2023
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  Xe dap fixed gear màu đen,PC gaming,chuột gaming ,bàn gaming chữ K. Ghế công thái học , bàn phím cơ,bàn phím cơ raiden shogun, Học sinh giỏi học kì 2 lớp tám trường trung học cơ sở lịch hội thượng huyện trần đề tỉnh sóc trang , thùng PC gaming ,IPhone 13 Promax
May 14 2023
Prosperity / Money
  My wish is that Michael Jordan’s Chicago mansion will be inside of 400 F Bracknell Arch Chesapeake VA 23320 ( our moms condo). The outside of our moms condo will remain the same but the inside will be bigger.
Apr 16 2023
Other Wishes
  I wish to summon my kitsune lover and werewolf lover and dragon lover and my hellhound lover and bunnymaid they has to have a hourglass figure and like the same restaurant's and movies and has to do my fifthy year plan they has to be real women and when we get married they has to have 1boy and 1girl
Apr 10 2023
  I wish to be a real mermaid. I will change between legs and a tail at will. I will be able to breathe underwater. No gills, webbed hands, or weird stuff. A painless transition. The tail comes with a top. Is like a pirates of the Caribbean mermaid. I will sing really good and have Hydrokinesis. freeze, heat, and shape water.I can also see underwater comfortably and clearly. I can purify water and water heal.
Apr 04 2023
Other Wishes
  Since Alex Browning and Clear Rivers’s son Alexander Chance Browning only appeared in the alternative ending scene in Final Destination (2000), I would like Brady Tutton to play and be cast as Alex and Clear’s son Alexander Chance Browning in Final Destination 6.
Apr 03 2023
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  I wish to grow taller. I wish to grow taller , I wish to grow taller, I wish to grow taller , I wish to grow taller , I wish to grow taller , I wish to grow taller.
Mar 24 2023
  I wish to time travel to 06 10 2022 to save my mother from dying she doesn't deserve to die nor to be sick God help me please to save my mother Amen thank you
Mar 24 2023
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