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  I wish to have a real life Neuralyzer that works exactly the way I want it to work. I want the gods to send it to me at 11:11 PM tonight when I’m sleeping. I want it to land on the center of my bedroom desk on 101 Bliss Mine Road, Newport Rhode Island. When the Neuralyzer lands on my desk it will be broken and it will work perfectly.
Apr 09 2020
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  I wish for a real life Neuralyzer that works exactly the way I want it to work to fall through my house and land on the center of my bedroom desk on 101 Bliss Mine Road, Newport Rhode Island at 11:11 PM tonight (I will hear a loud noise (But not too loud) that will wake me up (it won't matter if the TV is on or off) and it will wake my dog and he will start barking) and I will find the real Real life Neuralyzer and it works exactly the way I want it to work. I wish for my parents to let me drop out of college for good. I wish for a recession so Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump. I wish for Joe Biden to pick Bernie Sanders as his VP. I wish for my YouTube Channel to grow when I drop out of college. I wish for the Cornoavirus to be gone. I wish for a recession to begin right after COVID-19 is gone. I wish for a recession so Donald Trump will suspend his re-election campaign and than Mike Pence will lose to Joe Biden.
Apr 08 2020
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  Hello i would like a imaginary dragon that i dont need to feed or take care of or anything i just ask that when i get him only i can see and feel him and he can talk in human language and be at least 100 years old and have wisdom and power and follows me where ever i go school, park (everywhere) but i would like if he was also free as well but comes back every time i call/wispier his name snickers everyone please vote for me ive been going through some depression thanks.
Apr 06 2020
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  Quiero tener una relacion con mi vecina . se llama rosario barriosYa llevo mucho esperando esto noches enteras porfavor Porfavor voten pormi ????
Apr 05 2020
  I wish my two recent wishes I posted on real would come true and wouldn’t take long to come true and would come true fast no matter what.
Apr 05 2020
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  I’ve wish my last three wishes that I posted on real the ones I that I Successfully mange to get in 8 days (cause I need to visit they’re web page in 8 days) would come true and be real forever no matter what.
Apr 04 2020
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  I wish my friend Westin would talk to me through social media and he’ll give me his phone number and we’ll maintain our friend while we’ll not in school.
Mar 19 2020
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  I wish there were a cure for the corona virus. I wish I were an expert in the tiger forms of Taekwando and snake kung fu both for self defense only. I wish I were good at drawing. I wish I had a better talent to sing and rap. I wish I never ever touched another male sexually in my life and never ever will. I wish I didn’t take things so personal like I might of some time in my past. I wish I stayed away from all tobacco products all my life too and always will. I wish I never had an obsession of the word beat or any other words and never will ever, I wish I never had an obsession of kicking and never will ever. I wish I never were mean to anybody ever without letting anybody push me around and without being defenseless. I wish for the corona virus to be over sooner just as many do. I wish I always stayed away from illegal drugs and still will. I wish all my problems were gone, please vote thank you
Mar 18 2020
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