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  Last 4 real wishes
  I strongly wish that John Y who moved to Australia from South Africa in 2014 will love me, call me and tell me that he will come to my formal, dance with me at the formal, ask me to be his Girlfriend at the formal and give me our first kiss at the formal.I wish that after the formal, he will come see me because i won't be able to sleep and so i sit in his lap with his arms around me and we talk about each other and we kiss and flirt.I wish that we stay together and we are super cute together.
May 20 2015
  I wish that John Y who moved to Australia from South AFrica will love me. I wish that he will actually say yes to coming to my formal. I wish that he will slow dance with me and before i know it, he kisses me and tells me that he loves me. I wish that he super amazing, kind, protective, loyal and romantic with me. i wish that i will always love him and we'll be with each other forever.I also wish that he will stay over on the night after formal and when i sleep on the sofa-bed, he will come down and i will sit in his lap and he will talk to me and keep me warm. I wish that we meet up a lot whilst my grades soar high and I become really smart.I wish that other girls look up to me and all of the negative things that happen in other people's lives end and they are released into a world of beauty and happiness.I wish that this year's loreto day will raise over $1,000,000 and we will become a famous school.
May 20 2015
  I wish that max lashley will become my brother in 2 days and that we will do some really fun stuff together please make this wish come true please! this is really important to me because i'm so lonely i can imagine it having brother fights making up having fun together making each other happy! i just love my wish to come true!!!!! i will be so happy when it does i heard a lot of good stuff about this website and that it really works and i believe them!!! :D :D :D i would be sooooo happy and i hope it comes true! :D also when it comes true i want to forget that i made this wish! :D i really hope it comes true! :D i believe it will! :D
May 19 2015
Other Wishes
  I wish that i had a secret journal that granted all my wishes,and whenever i wanted to make a wish i just grab the journal,write the wish down,and then the words will suddenly vanish making my wish come true in 10 seconds.
May 19 2015
Other Wishes

1. Complete the test and type your wish at website. Add your name or let it empty for an anonymous wish. Select the appropriate category and click the 'Save your Wish' button. Your wish must be very specific with many details. It is better to type a bigger wish than making a lot of small wishes. Be very careful what you wish for.

How to make a wish step 1 - write your wish

2. After you submit your wish, bookmark this website (Press Ctrl+D) and vote at least 8 wishes. Vote the wishes you like more. The more wishes you vote the more possibilities you have to make your wish to come true faster. By voting wishes you help others to make their dreams true.
How to make a wish step 2 - vote 8 wishes

3. Invite your friends to vote your wish. It is very important if you want to make your wish come true faster! How to do this? Just copy and paste the text next from your wish on your page or wherever you wish to display it. Also join us on Social Media. Like our video at Youtube, like our page on facebook, follow us on twitter and join as in google plus. Send an email to your friends about this website or write about it in a blog or a website. This step will get more traffic to your wish page. Remember, the more people votes your wish the more possibilities there are to make your dreams come true faster.
How to make a wish step 3 - invite people to make a wish

From the day your wish is published you can start dreaming. Once your wish is published, be sure to come back and vote your wish. When your wish comes true tell everybody where and how you made your wish real. Discussing about a wish that came true will make that wish real forever. Make even the craziest wishes come true.
How to make a wish step 4 - your dreams come true


* How many wishes can i make?
- You can make as many wishes as you want. There is no limit.

* What do I need to do to make my wish come true?
- Make sure that you made all the steps that are described at the instructions.

* Will my wish come true really? I think my wish is impossible.
- Nothing is impossible. If you believe it you can make it. Many 'impossible' dreams have become possible. If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.

* My wish didn't come true. What i can do?
- If you want a wish to come true you have to believe it. Don't stop thinking about it. Make your wish again and again. Be more specific with more details. One day your wish will come true. Don't set a time frame within which the wish has to come true. Good things come to those who wait. If you believe it, you can make it.

* How can i delete a wish?
- The best way is to make an opposite wish. Wishes can be retracted. If you want to delete a wish please use contact. Be careful what you wish for.


Change your life now. Try it now. Make Impossible Wishes Come True. Don't leave in ideas. Do things to achieve your goals. Don't give up. Keep trying if you really want to come true. Don't wish for bad things. Make only wishes for good. Remember that dreams take time to come true. Make little steps day by day. Work your goal. This will motivate you to make your wish come true. You need many years to become a doctor.


Alexander wrote:
' My wish came true about 2 days ago. This site is amazing !!!!! '

Athina wrote:
' OH MY GOD!!! every time i make a wish it comes true! '

Maria wrote:
' Thank you so much , i made a wish and it happened the same day! '

Nick wrote:
' This website really works! SO COOL !!!! '



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